The Quote-to-Cash Formerly Known as Steelbrick: Salesforce CPQ is Here

  • Dec 15, 16
  • Geraldine Gray

Steelbrick Salesforce CPQIf the words quote-to-cash, Steelbrick or Salesforce CPQ mean something to you, we’ve got some breaking news that deserves your attention. The powerful and popular Steelbrick quote-to-cash platform is now officially known as Salesforce CPQ and has transformed into a seamless part of the Salesforce platform. One of Endiem’s resident Salesforce CPQ-certified gurus, Ms. Julie Zelinka, explains what this transition really means for new users and veterans alike.

Salesforce CPQ is shaking things up
Julie was quick to acknowledge the feelings of “growing pains” that many former Steelbrick users may feel, but she also is fast to follow up with even more optimistic news of frequent product upgrades. “The fact that Salesforce is able to make changes, updates and releases like Salesforce does… is going to be amazing.”

If you aren’t yet a Salesforce CPQ user, there’s plenty of current pluses that make it a system that will provide gains right away. First, as Julie puts it, “The system is a great productivity tool—sales can create multiple quotes at the same time. Also, it doesn’t cost $500,000 to implement. For medium-sized companies it’s affordable because deals close faster and positive ROI is realized quickly.”

All new, but even greater than you remember
Salesforce CPQ already has the robust functionality of Steelbrick, but offers the community and platform of Salesforce—which is not a benefit to take lightly. If you’re familiar with the Salesforce community, you already know the power that comes with it. It’s a strength that is unique to the Salesforce platform—a massive (and growing!) group of power users that rally together to optimize Salesforce experiences and solutions for everyone.

One thing that Steelbrick users will especially appreciate is that Salesforce CPQ will continue to carry the torch of outstanding how-to tutorial-style documentation through Trailhead. It’s one way that Steelbrick and Salesforce CPQ really have created synergy to make things even better.

Even if tutorials and community information sifting aren’t your thing, certified implementation experts, like Julie, can help you get up and running without the second guessing and missteps.

Salesforce CPQ: Could it be a game-changer for you?
There’s no doubt that Salesforce CPQ brings together a powerful mix of functionality, simplicity and effectiveness. Could a Salesforce CPQ makeover create positive change in your business? We should talk. Contact us today to learn more from our team of Salesforce experts.