Things We Learned At TrailheaDX 2018!

  • Apr 3, 18
  • Ashley Zuelke

Things we learned at TRAILHEADX….

TrailheaDX is all about dedicating a few days to learning and exploring Salesforce. It was after all the first Salesforce’s Developer conference. The 2018 TrailheaDX conference took place in San Francisco, the heart of California in 28-29 March. It was a great opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. There are so many things that we would like to share in case you missed the conference.

Some Big Numbers - The CEO of the company, Marc Benioff dropped some high digits when he told about the total number of developers working on salesforce. There are currently over 2.5 million developers and to be precise 2.8 million, so you can expect a lot of diversity and more than 4 billion transaction occurring every single day. Can you believe that 4 billion? That’s quite a number.

Keep It Up-To-Date - Finally the maintenance of the Salesforce Certification will be moving to TrailHead so it is going to be so easy to maintain certifications. And the best part about it is that maintaining your certification is going to be Free, Free, Free… It is expected that all certification data will be migrated to Trailhead by January 2019. If your certification is expiring before then don’t fear, just follow through the maintenance on time and you will be good to go.

Autobot - Salesforce is currently investing in so many different technologies and areas currently that it is hard to keep a track of that. But currently the eyes of Uncle Mark is set on machine learning. Einstein anyone? Machine learning will be one of the field that everyone will be focused on market in a couple of years as estimated by some of the genius minds in IT.

myTrailhead Is Coming! - Think customized training plans using Trailhead. If you love Trailhead and you want to share your own, customized training with users on the same platform take a look at myTrailhead. Prepare for the opportunity to create your own content with the myTrailhead Piilot Workshop 1 Prework trailmix.

How do you know if TrailheaDX is for you? If your an end-user who is tasked with keeping your Salesforce up-to-date with new features; a system admin who wants to take certifications; or a developer who wanted to learn the newest tech and tricks to making your job easier TrailheaDX is for you!