Three Reasons To Auto-Create Renewals

  • Jun 20, 17
  • Julie Zelinka

Tech companies treat their clients right with a solid product, a great implementation plan, and detailed attention for ongoing support. Unfortunately, forgetting about their client’s future needs can give the impression they don’t care, effectively losing on-going revenue.  Adding a renewal process to Salesforce is THE best practice, but it can be a time-consuming task. Having an automated approval process is always better than to assign to a person who might leave or just simply forget.    

If you set up an automatic renewal process you can deliver:

Top-Notch Customer Service

Ensure your clients know they are always top of mind by setting up auto-renewals with related tasks that remind you to reach out to the client well before their subscription ends.  Rockstar!   

A Pipeline That Is Fresh & Full 

What do you mean my pipeline is only full for the next 3 months?  "What about all my renewals?  Oh, I need to add those in!"  Auto-renewals of closed-won opportunities will make sure they aren’t forgotten!  And you will always know before the subscription runs out.

A Rule To Never Miss A Deal

Make a line in the sand and never forget one of your clients again!  Customers don't forget about their subscriptions, but if they didn’t get a call from you they felt their business wasn’t that important and they went with, “sigh,” your competitor. DON’T lose your deal to another business!  


Ensure your clients know you are always thinking of them and only them! Create auto-renewals, assign tasks, and keep your pipeline full!  Need some help with Salesforce renewals? Get Your Project Started!