Two Dreamforce 2022 game changing announcements

  • Sep 30, 22
  • Emily Danvers

Wow, last week, Dreamforce came back and it was one heck of a family reunion!

Right from the get-go it was three days filled with all the magic and mayhem you would expect from Salesforce's annual mega-conference.

A Celebration of Innovation

Salesforce has not slowed down one iota and the conference was packed with announcements of new features, functionality, and initiatives. The slide below from the Keynote gives you a little context on just how rapidly the team is rolling out innovation to customers, and partners.

The big DF22 news

One week post Dreamforce, we have had a chance to think about the top announcements from the Endiem clients’ perspective; that’s to say what is going to have a real impact on the way they work and manage their customers on Salesforce. It comes down to two biggies. Are you ready?

Big Announcement #1 Slack integration enhancements

Salesforce is setting out it’s stall to be your Digital HQ, and Slack is a BIG part of the plan, with two major new features.

  • Slack Huddles Co-working

Watch out Zoom, Slack is coming for your lunch

I read that headline, last week. If you read no further, you’ve probably got the gist of this one!

If you use Slack, then you probably use Zoom alongside it for your video meetings. Not for much longer! Now Salesforce has launched Slack Huddles Co-working, you can spin up a virtual meeting from any channel or DM, with video and screen share, complete with reactions functionality. 🎉 🙌 😄 👍

What we really like is that you get to capture all the meeting info - the chat, the notes, and any other docs shared - right in the Slack thread. It takes the concept of a ‘Working Meeting’ to the next level.

Slack Huddles Co-Working will be generally available before the end of 2022.

  • Slack Canvas

“Get ready for Slack canvas, a new surface in your digital HQ, where teams can curate, organize and share mission-critical resources.”

Consider Slack canvas a place to pin all the most important information in the Slack channel. But it’s this bit that’s got us most excited:-

“You can also pipe in data from your system of record to provide information for your team to reference, and you can embed workflows to complete tasks in the canvas – where you already are – without losing context.”

So that means, no more switching from Slack to Salesforce; you are already working in the same space. This short film showcases the functionality.

Big Announcement #2 Salesforce Genie
‘A new day for customer magic’

Salesforce just pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat with the launch of Salesforce Genie and pronounced this the greatest Salesforce innovation of all time.

So what is it? It’s ultimately an extension of Salesforce’s existing Customer Data Platform (CDP), bringing together all customer data across each and every app and platform, to create one single customer view. It’s the ultimate Customer 360. But more than that, Genie allows businesses to bring in real-time data streams at a massive scale and combine it with existing Salesforce data. With a side order of Einstein, you will now see predictions and Next Best Action prompts. In the words of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, it's the world’s first real-time CRM.

There are Genie use cases across every part of the platform - Sales, Service, Marketing, Success, Commerce, and on. The scope is huge and we plan to stay very close to what Genie means for our customers.

Genie will be GA from Summer ‘23.

Of course, there were a ton of other announcements from Dreamforce: partnership with WhatsApp, enhancement to Account Engagement (Pardot), NetZero Marketplace, an extension of Hyperforce, the growth of the TrailBlazer community, the list is long! If you would like to learn more about what this year's announcements mean for your Salesforce roadmap, please don't hesitate to get in touch and book a free 30-minute consultation with our expert team.

But we’ll leave you with one more important news item: There was a puppy petting area at Dreamforce this year. Enjoy.