Using Salesforce to account for net zero targets

  • Apr 22, 22
  • Emily Danvers

Climate change means that it’s no longer business as usual when it comes to big business accounting. It’s time for a radical rethink, and data-driven technology has a crucial role to play.

The science is clear: by the middle of this century, the world has to reduce emissions to as close to zero as possible. If we can achieve this, global emissions of greenhouse gases will be ‘net zero.’ Delivering this requires urgent global action, not least from the world’s largest enterprises.

These requirements are not just bound by legislation, market forces are also driving the change. In a push to see a faster transition to a low-carbon economy, Investors are demanding to see evidence that companies are taking measures that will cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius. Boards around the world are now under pressure to take steps to align their accounts with the Paris Agreement on climate change. 

Salesforce has launched Net Zero Cloud to enable businesses to meet this challenge.

To reach the targets demanded by the investment community, and government legislation, organizations must have the ability to easily track, analyze, and report carbon emissions and waste management data across their business ecosystems, including supply chains.

Identifying the relevant data sources across their complex global operations that provide an accurate, real-time status of their progress to net zero is the first part of the challenge. Many organizations work with external business performance data analysis experts to identify these specific data inputs.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud provides an out-of-the-box solution to then transform this data into actionable insights in the form of sophisticated data visualizations, for a C-suite audience.

The transition to net zero is the greatest challenge that faces us today. Through a well-planned and executed strategy that brings in the right business and technology expertise, there are real solutions available to meet this goal.

Find out more in a lunch and learn session

Endiem is a Salesforce Net Zero implementation partner. We will be running lunch and learn sessions in the near future, to walk you through the options available to meet your net zero obligations. If you would like to pre-register, you will receive an update as soon as these sessions are live.

Of course, if you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out and one of our Salesforce net zero experts will be in touch.