January 11, 2021

What Can A Salesforce Road-Mapping Session Do For You?

What Can A Salesforce Road-Mapping Session Do For You?

It’s the start of a new year, and just like you’ve set resolutions for yourself and where you want to be by the end of 2021, your Salesforce Org deserves the same kind of careful consideration. How do you envision your Org functioning by the end of this year? What projects are on your bucket list? It is essential to create an outline, or roadmap, to achieve these goals, just like you would for any other resolutions. If you’ve worked with Endiem on multiple projects or have not done a recent thorough review of your Org, it might be time to get a road-mapping session scheduled for your 2021 goals and beyond.

Endiem can carry out your road-mapping session in one of two ways:

  1. Initial Discovery Session

In this approach, Org and business processes are reviewed and put into one of the following three categories:-

Once everyone has an understanding of areas that need improvement, we can start working on solutions. By breaking these issues down into multiple, easy to consume backlog items, we can prioritize and incorporate them into sprints. Our experts help you make a plan to be rolled out month by month or quarter by quarter, depending on your requirements.

  1. Note Taking Session

Our experts sit with you in this approach and document your business processes, needs, and concerns. With the information provided, a Business Analyst will analyze and create a list of findings and topline recommendations. We then work with you to create a plan to accomplish your goals, based on your timelines.

Why you should have a Salesforce road-mapping session

Good intentions are often best achieved with a little research behind them. For example, if your resolution for 2021 is to lead a healthier lifestyle, you have likely spent some time googling diet plans or fitness classes in your area. Your good intentions for Salesforce will benefit from the same approach.

An Endiem road-mapping session will take your 2021 Salesforce Org objectives and give you the best solutions; How best to achieve them, and what tools to use. Plus, you already have your team here at Endiem to ensure you accomplish all your goals on time and within budget. No more end of the year rush to plan out a project to fix an issue you swore you were going to fix months ago.

Get in touch with our team of experts at Endiem to set up your road-mapping session now, and get your 2021 Salesforce Org goals on the path to success!

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