October 1, 2020

What Does A Salesforce Admin Do? Why Does Your Org Need One?

What Does A Salesforce Admin Do? Why Does Your Org Need One?

You’re unsure of what a Salesforce Admin does, I get it.

A quick answer is:

Now, I realize that 3 quick bullets are not entirely convincing, but by the end of this blog, you will not only know what a Salesforce Admin really does but, why you NEED one for your Org.

Okay, so maybe you don’t need a full-time Admin....that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean you can accomplish all the things on your Salesforce wishlist, while also performing your daily standard job tasks by yourself, and you shouldn’t have to. A Salesforce Admin’s actual job is to take your wishlist and make it into a reality! So, unless you have magic hours (hours that don’t normally exist so you’ve found a way to stop time so you can fit all your things into your day) you’re going to want help. Get yourself a fractional Admin! This is someone who is in charge of your org and works on proactive and reactive tasks but only for a set amount of time a month. They’ll get all your wishlist items squared away, then you can use those magic hours on much cooler activities!

Businesses change, Salesforce needs to keep up

Your business is constantly evolving. So, with whatever responsibilities your job title includes, you’ll need to learn a whole system and then make sure it scales with your business. I’m sure you’re great, but that seems like an impossible feat. As your business grows, you may well:-

  1. Add new products/services
  2. Add more employees
  3. Customize pages to suit different roles
  4. Change processes to reflect your growing business

As your business changes, your Admin will update the appropriate fields, objects, and automation and then conduct a data migration so that your data is fresh and up to date. This will make all your reports consistent as well. Your Admin can customize page layouts and make sure everything is easy to navigate. They will make sure everyone’s homepage has relevant information for their specific role. They’ll also help add, deactivate, or freeze users from the system, this is helpful when one user owns several accounts or opportunities and then leaves in the middle of a project. Your Admin will know exactly how to get those objects transferred without even a hiccup. Essentially, your admin will help keep your Salesforce Org scaleable to your business growth.

Keeping up with Salesforce release cycle

Salesforce seasonal releases are great! The fact that Salesforce wants to keep innovating and growing along with you is one of the best parts of Salesforce. But who really has the time to keep up with all the new functionality three times a year? Imagine if there was someone on your team to do that all for you….enter, your Admin! They will learn the new functionality released in Winter, Spring, and Summer by Salesforce. They are taking the trails and figuring out how this works best for your business. They will keep your apps up to date. They spend time researching the new apps in the AppExchange to see what works best for you.

Being a Salesforce cheerleader!

I hear you, you love your company! And so does your Admin! They also love Salesforce. Your Admin is going to build all your training materials, they are going to train your existing users and they’ll have office hours to make sure everyone is getting their questions answered and problems solved, even after training is over. This is going to help your users LOVE Salesforce too. The only way your investment in Salesforce works is if your users are actually using the system. Having an Admin on your side, making sure the users are navigating and using the platform easily, and cheering them on as they learn their way around, is going to get you that maximum adoption!

A fractional Salesforce Admin could be the answer

A Salesforce Admin is going to make your life simple and easy. They are exceptional at the job they do. They want your business to thrive on the Salesforce platform and know that in order for that to happen, your org needs to be up to date, your business needs to be using the latest functionality, your data should be kept clean, and your users should be able to use the system seamlessly. They are here to make that happen for you. And with ADvantage by Endiem, you can have that fractional Admin helping to square away all your tasks! Let us know when you’re ready to get some of your hours back!

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