What I Learned From Trailhead And Beyond - Part 2

  • Oct 15, 18
  • Minella Annoh

Taking into consideration everything I learned from Day 1, I am now getting my head through the clouds with both Endiem and Salesforce cultures. The things I’ve learned in the last 30 days have been nothing short of drinking from a fire hose - not water but data-wine.

  • Becoming the First Line of Defense

At first glance, just the name is intimidating. Monday morning and my first task was to open a case for a client requested dashboard update. What is a case, where do I find it, how do I open one for a client; do I need to ask for additional information? These are just a few of the questions that went through my mind as I eagerly and nervously made a cup of coffee, for I knew it’s about to be “learning-intense” morning. After a few mouthful and fidgeting through our org, I turned to my always welcoming and ready-to-teach boss, and poured out all my concerns. She calmly (as always) rolled her chair over to my desk and walked me through my first case creation process. It’s now day 60 and I am the “First Line of Defense” on cases for the org and learning my way through the entire Case Management Process.

Recall I had to open a case for a Dashboard update? Well, one of my many “Case Management Questions” was about reports and dashboards, first stop, Trailhead (and yes, I got a shiny new badge). This paved the way to my current ability to update dashboards, create new reports and clone existing ones. Trailheads and my amazing team of “Boss-ladies” are molding me into an #AwesomeAdmin who does #GoodWorkForNiceCustomers.

  • Just Deactivate the User, right?

One will think this will be a fairly simple process like deleting the user. However, Endiem has a 26-point checklist for deactivating users, YES 26! Therefore it takes a whole checklist to make sure a user is deactivated (not deleted) correctly and their records and license can be assigned to another user.

  • I’m on a Mission

Mission Control is a  Project Management tool for Salesforce that is amazing! Working on this, I felt like a distinguished NASA astronaut on a mission to Mars. However, in this case, I am the (co)pilot for several projects, determining milestones, actions items, roles and team assignments. This is a very effective tool to keep the project timelines and budget in-check throughout the project life cycle.

  • Now I know what UAT/QA stands for

Oh Yeah, I now use abbreviations, lol. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a very vital action item for any project. Without its effectiveness, the entire project is on a brink. Endiem uses the agile method, thus every step of the project is demoed for the user. Also, Quality Assurance tests are conducted by Endiem to make sure requirements are met (and for the most part exceeded) throughout the project cycle. I have had the opportunity to sit through various demos (they are very detailed) and also performed a few QAs as well. This gives you the opportunity to go through the client’s checklist and make sure all requirements are met and recommendations/feedback provided.

Are you drowning in my Cloud of learning and new opportunities yet? Do not waiver, for there is more to come in 30 days. See you soon … in the CLOUD!!