What I Learned From Trailhead And Beyond - Part 1

  • Sep 17, 18
  • Minella Annoh

The start of Something exciting...

Let me give you the lay of the land, I’m new to Endiem AND I’m new to Salesforce.  I heard about Endiem at a Houston User Group. I went to the User Group to figure out what this cloud-based software called Salesforce was and what I need to do to learn more about it.  I was directed to Endiem to inquire about training, I got a coffee date and an offer to join the team as a Project Coordinator. This blog series is about what I’ve learned Day 1 - 90.

Day 1

The first day at the office was very hands-on, beginning with peer-review of proposals and partaking in a couple of meetings. Certain things stood out to me, which I believe will be an integral part of my success, some of which are:

  • Attention to the very small details: I know from determining the most prospective play in the Alberta basin, to making sure the right medication is dispensed to the right patient, consulting also requires an exceptional level of attention to (small) details. Like Geraldine will say, “it is better to die by one big blow, than by many small piercings, that is just a long a harsh way to go out”. Therefore,  paying attention to the small details is crucial for the success of a consultant.

  • Project timeliness: There are so many small steps that take a project from initiation to completion. I familiarized myself with the basic aspects of a project timeline, now I will continue to work my way through the intricacies of the process in its entirety.

  • Knowledge Sharing: There is a great atmosphere of collaborative learning within the organization. Everyone, from CEO to the office manager, knowledge is shared freely and quickly.  I can see this is the only way for a company to have continuous growth. This decreases the turnaround time for each project, thereby exceeding the clients’ expectations every step of the way.

Everything about Endiem, from culture to team members, has made my first day on the job very pleasant. As if not enough, ALL my bosses are women! I know for sure I am in the right company and starting on a new and exciting path towards being a Salesforce Consultant.