Which Salesforce edition do I need?

  • Jul 13, 15
  • Geraldine Gray

Baffled by the multitude of Salesforce editions on the plate? If you are a new Salesforce customer or thinking about implementing Salesforce it can be a challenge to decipher which license type is right for you. It’s confusing, so Endiem is here to make it easier to decide what’s best for you.

Check out the rundown of three prominent Salesforce editions below.

Professional Edition – $65/user/month

The Professional edition is a comprehensive Salesforce CRM with key features such as secure and scalable online infrastructure, quick deployment, campaigns, customizable reports and dashboards, mass email to leads and customers, role permissions, multi-currency/multi-language support and collaborative forecasts. Plus, all Group edition features are included, too.

It is suitable for small to mid-size companies and designed to accommodate any number of business users from marketing to sales to customer support.

Best industries for the Professional edition:

    • Industrial and manufacturing
    • Telecoms
    • Transportation
    • Healthcare
    • Legal
    • Service industries

Professional edition is the best pick if you intend to instill transparency and visibility in your sales team’s endeavors.

Enterprise Edition – $125/user/month

Here comes the front-runner and most popular choice: Enterprise edition. It’s the most flexible and customizable Salesforce edition. Enterprise is equipped with all the features the Professional edition has plus all the bells and whistles to suit your needs. It has impressive features to tailor the platform for your needs such as custom record types, approval and workflow automation, mass mailings, page and profile layouts, custom app development, report history tracking, integration through API web service, private AppExchange and Salesforce identity.

Enterprise edition is a fit for larger-scale businesses with sizable sales team with a need for unlimited number of users or for those who need automation and workflow (if this then that scenarios). It is a huge hit spanning across diverse industry giants including Travelocity, Polycom, Expedia Inc., Electronic Arts, Egencia, Avis Budget Group, E-LOAN and many more.

Force.com Editions

The best use case for Force.com edition licenses is when your users do not need access to key standard data tables such as Opportunities or Cases and comes in two options. Although somewhat restrictive Force licenses are flexible and a good way to keep costs down so that you only pay for what you need or use.

Force.com Enterprise – $20/app/user

Key Features:

    • Complete read/write access to Q&A, events, calendar, tasks and activities
    • Cross filters, joined reports, and data bucketing
    • Permission sets

Force.com Enterprise $80/app/user (unlimited number of users)

Key Features:

    • Full write/read access to contacts and accounts
    • Sharing framework
    • Streaming API
    • Bulk API

Choosing the right Salesforce edition paves way for a successful, efficient and relevant CRM system. Contact us should you require any assistance from an MVP in choosing the best-fit Salesforce edition.

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