October 28, 2019

Which Salesforce Super Hero Do You Want To Be For Halloween?

Which Salesforce Super Hero Do You Want To Be For Halloween?

There are so many Salesforce #superheroes to choose from this Halloween, and we want to help you narrow down your list with our top picks of who to emulate.

Leah McGowen-Hare

Leah McGowen-Hare - freshly appointed Senior Director of Developer Evangelism at Salesforce. Although you’ll probably recognize her from the many Salesforce admin videos, she lends her knowledge, voice, and personality to Trailhead. She is on our list of Salesforce #superheroes because she is a champion for equality. Leah volunteers with organizations like Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code, Vetforce, The Hidden Genius Project and, Girl Scouts. A Salesforce article quotes Leah saying, “ Do it! Not only will you be making a huge deposit in the ‘good karma’ account, but your actions will inspire others to do the same. Doing good is infectious!” when asked about pro bono work. We’re guessing Leah would be the first to share her Halloween haul with anyone in need.

Charlie Isaacs

Charlie joined Salesforce in 2012 and is Vice President and CTO for Customer Connection. He has 20+ years of CRM experience. Charlie’s primary role is to nurture IoT projects for Salesforce Customers; he speaks globally about IoT and Customer Service. Charlie made it on our list of #superheroes for being responsible for helping companies connect with their customers and helping them connect their products and services with their customers! Since Charlie becoming CTO for Customer Connection, Salesforce has briskly grown a good groundwork of customers who have thrivingly connected their products and devices to Salesforce. That earns 360-pieces of candy right there!


Okay, so #Dreamforce isn’t one singular person but, hear us out. In order to make #Dreamforce work, it takes TONS of Salesforce #superheroes to come together.#Dreamforce is more than just a conference, it’s a whole experience. It’s like a giant Salesforce family reunion. #Dreamforce allows trailblazers to come together with business leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and entertainers. There are sessions, keynotes, and parties to attend that make a huge impact and are great networking opportunities. #Dreamforce is obviously on our list of #superheroes because of its unique ability to bring people with common and varying interests together to learn and laugh.

Steve Mo

We’re rounding out our list with Steve Molis. Steve is on this list of Salesforce #superheros because well… he’s friggin awesome. Not only is he super active (geddit?) within the Salesforce family but he is an all-around super fun guy (seriously, check him out online). Steve is a self-taught Salesforce admin and developer and a 6x Salesforce MVP. He spoke about the Power of One Formula at Dreamforce 2016 (The Power of One is a formula trick that allows you to get counts in a Report) and just about every month since. Steve is an application developer inside the Salesforce Ohana. Steve is known for his #superhero response time on the Salesforce Community. Don’t forget to repay him for his service with a beer or solid chocolate bunny at Dreamforce!

Inspired by these Salesforce #superheroes and want to know more, #superheroes, give us a ring!

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