Who needs Salesforce DevOps?

  • Jul 22, 22
  • Emily Danvers

If you have a large development team managing a complex Salesforce org structure, then having the right DevOps tooling in place will be critical to your success. If you are operating complex products, for example CPQ, then once again, if you are not best friends already with a DevOps platform, then it's time you were.

Let’s take a look at why. Consider these three questions:-

  • Can you deploy Salesforce change to production in less than a day? How about less than an hour?
  • Does your dev team have the coordination required to prevent deployment failures?
  • After an outage or an incident, how long does it take you to recover?

These are the kind of questions the Copado research team has been asking to generate their latest ‘State of Salesforce DevOps Report 2022’. They have spoken to over 450 global high-performing sales teams to drill down into what makes them tick and how they quickly, regularly, and safely deploy change. If you want to know how you compare and why that’s important, then check out the findings in the report.

No time to read the report? Here’s the most important takeaway: DevOps augments the power, scalability, and robustness of enterprise platforms. So any complex organization that operates on Salesforce will need DevOps tooling to have any chance of keeping up with the competitive pace of change driven by customer demands.

DevOps at Endiem

High-quality DevOps change management has always been a top priority for the team at Endiem, but 2022 reached a whole new level. Our clients are typically large, complex organizations. To add value quickly to their Salesforce instance, we need to understand everything under the hood quickly and without the risk of failure. Coupled with higher developer team turnover rates, businesses need a plan to ensure that knowledge loss won’t have a negative impact.

Generic Salesforce development skills are great, but working within the nuances of a specific client implementation is where proper guardrails come into play.

Get in touch if you want to know more about how Endiem uses Copado in our DevOps function. We have used the platform extensively and as a result, we have a wealth of case studies to share with you.