Why Construction companies run their field services on Salesforce

  • May 27, 22
  • Emily Danvers

Salesforce is the leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, and we are pretty sure that’s not breaking news. Let’s look at why so many of our construction sector and supply chain customers use Salesforce to run their operations in the field.

Field services are the beating heart of the Texan construction and infrastructure supply chain. Pretty much every project you can bring to mind will draw upon field services providers (FSPs) to provide installation, repair, and maintenance of equipment, services, and systems. That’s a lot of technicians out there in the field, managing and monitoring, day in, day out.

Imagine the repercussions when that goes wrong. It's expensive, and that's not great news.

Businesses look for field services technology that will never let them down, and Salesforce is the top choice. Here’s why:

  • Salesforce understands the ‘appointment economy.’

With a laser focusing on scheduling + mobile functionality, Salesforce gives technicians everything they need on any device out in the field. All the information they need is right there where they need it.

  • Salesforce has the best product suite to leverage right now.

Salesforce has a vast range of products that you can plug right into your platform and play nicely with Field Services. Forms, Payments, Maps, Project Management services - all of these capabilities are within your reach immediately. No expensive and lengthy custom build is required.

  • Guaranteed growth for the future

Being the market leader means that you attract the best partners and alliances, which means two things happen. Firstly, these partners continually build out the capabilities of the core service, meaning the product footprint constantly grows. Secondly, Salesforce gets the pick of the partnerships with players in other areas of the supply chain, e.g., warranty, RMA, and process management; All of which means the Salesforce customers get the cream of the crop.

Find out more about how Salesforce can support Construction.

Field services are just one of the critical products supporting our construction clients through their digital transformation. If you’d like to get our datasheet on how Salesforce can drive efficiency and profitability in your organization, then download your copy today.

If you’d like to talk more, drop us a line, and we can happily give you some guidance on how to get more from your Salesforce investment. Now that’s the kind of good news story we all like to hear!