November 23, 2018

Women In STEM - Are You A Member Of WEN?

Women In STEM - Are You A Member Of  WEN?

What Is WEN?

WEN is an organization that fosters the education and development of women who work within the energy industries. They are a large and growing community with over 4,000 members and 18 chapters across the United States. The Houston Chapter was established in 1994, to connect women within the energy industries with each other. 29 years later, it continues to remain committed to its core values of mentorship and networking for a diverse group of women across the energy value chain.

Why Do We Sponsor WEN

We Like How They Think - WEN provides networking, mentoring and leadership opportunities to women in our community to connect with peers.  For women within the energy industry with fewer years of industry-related experiences this is a great place to learn from leading professionals. WEN encompasses a diverse group of women, from CEOs to Engineers,  who are committed to share their knowledge and experiences.

They Foster Career And Leadership Development To Advance Careers Through

What Peaked Our Interests At The November 2018 Monthly Luncheon?

Dr. Bodene Orr, the keynote speaker for the event.  She gave an outstanding presentation on her personal and career journey, the huddles and sacrifices, as well as glories and touches of sarcasm throughout the way.  Then she shared the five most important leadership instincts:

The Endiem Team rotates who attends the monthly luncheon if you’re there, stop by and say hello.  And of course, if you’re looking for a Salesforce Implementation Partner to kick off your next Salesforce project Contact Us.


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