Women In Tech Support Women In Energy

  • Nov 20, 20
  • Emily Danvers

Endiem is excited to renew our sponsorship of the Houston chapter of Women’s Energy Network, taking our place alongside co-sponsors including Deloitte, EDF, Riveron, and other leading players in the energy sector. Women in Energy Network (WEN) is an organization of professional women who work across the energy value chain, developing programs to provide networking opportunities and foster career and leadership development in their industry. Women and men working in all sectors of the energy industry are able to benefit from meeting experts and industry leaders face to face and gaining from their wealth of knowledge and experience.

As a long time member, the Endiem team has found the content, speakers, and guests of their local Houston chapter of WEN engaging and knowledgeable. Our membership added so much value, “Sponsorship was the natural next step,” according to CEO Geraldine Gray. It makes a lot of sense to engage our energy customers in the mission, too, allowing Endiem to check-in outside of meetings in an environment that provides relevant and interesting content.

2020 has been a challenging year for events & networking, but there are always ways and means, and Geraldine was especially pleased with a recent virtual wine tasting event!

Photo credit Women's Energy Network - Houston

WEN’s Alma Shields, 2020-2021 Co-Director of Sponsorship, stated “As a partner trusted to deliver brilliant Salesforce solutions to the energy sector for customers like ENGIE and Talen Energy, Endiem’s support aligns with their core belief that women should have equal representation in all professional sectors, especially energy and technology.” As the global demand for energy increases and the push for cleaner energy and new technology expands, the sector is struggling to keep pace because of the skills shortages in engineering. Encouraging more women to pursue a career in this industry is a major solution to closing the skills gaps. In WEN, Endiem has found a natural partner.

Visit the Houston WEN’s website to find out more about how you can achieve the same benefits and advancements for your business.