August 17, 2015

Women in Technology: Making the most of your career

Women in Technology: Making the most of your career

The future of success lies in technology. It’s a concept that’s often said during the planning and growing phases of a career. But how can women break into this male-dominated field? If a woman is already in the door, how can she nab the highly sought-after position of her dreams?

In a new ebook offered by Salesforce, Endiem’s very own 20-year tech industry veteran, Geraldine Gray, shares her critical advice for career advancement in the competitive technology field. Her guidance will ignite and renew passion to move forward and achieve more.

When you’re starting out, make them remember you by finding your unique trait and let your confidence shine. Don’t be afraid to try new things and say yes to opportunities. Anticipate that new things take extra time so build in time for it. Ask questions and don’t worry about looking “stupid.” You don’t have to be an expert on everything.

Once in your career, navigate carefully. Get help and be helpful to others because you can’t expect people to do you a favor if you’re not supporting them as well. Just make sure they have your best interests in mind. Make sure your situation is still working for you, and know that it’s OK to walk away. Being aware of of your situation can decrease the odds of landing in the wrong job again. If you need to leave, be grateful, leave the door open and don’t burn your bridges. Make it so you can always come back.

Networking in the tech space can go a long way for advancing your career. To be successful get out there and start. When you’re out there, give to give, and don’t give to get. When you give to give, then you’ll build up goodwill with others. Once you’ve established your network, leverage it for opportunities and to grow your own brand.

Once in a leadership role, hire people you can trust so they will represent you in the best light. Recruit employees who are better than you and can fill in organizational gaps. As a leader, you need to know when to say no. Understand that you can’t do it all. If you’re overcommitted, then pass the spotlight by making an introduction to another qualified person.

Remember, any career requires an element of bravery. Don’t be afraid to ask for opportunities! You can’t win if you’re not even in the race.

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