Zuar: Strategic Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Dec 18, 20
  • Maddison

What is Zuar?

Zuar helps companies turn their data into a competitive advantage via business intelligence solutions. Their approach focuses on actionable strategies with data staging and analytics solutions. With several unique services and products, Zuar can meet its customers’ immediate needs while creating a roadmap for future business solutions.

How Did They Get Started?

Zuar emerged from TableauHelp, a consultancy founded in 2015 by former Tableau employees and technology partners. TableauHelp offered services with a dedication to speed and flexibility, which is still mirrored in the data services division at Zuar today. The Tableau integration with Salesforce allowed customers to blend data from across the Customer 360 platform with other business data for increased visibility and deeper insights. Also, Zuar could provide finance, operations, channel teams, and Executives with secure, up-to-date, customized views of all business data as a whole.

However, simplified products that could help accomplish work faster and smarter—mostly related to data movement, automation, and modeling—was needed. After building a more robust, larger team, Zuar was born to fill that need.

What Do They Do?

Zuar offer a range of specialized services and products to their clients to deliver on their strategic data objectives -

  • Mitto - A data staging platform that allows companies to connect, transform, and automate all their data into a single destination for analytics.
  • Rapid Portals - Out-of-the-box embedded analytics applications that deploy in minutes while securing & branding your Tableau environment.
  • Data Strategy Service - Zuar helps develop a data strategy. It starts with learning your business and objectives and takes you through an entire list of actions to help with integration or implementation.
  • Data Staging Service - The service division of Zuar can use the Mitto platform and build data integrations, pipelines, infrastructure, and models for your company.
  • Tableau Consulting - Taking it back to their roots, Zuar has 3 “packages” of consulting hours for companies using Tableau. With these hours, they can do everything from understanding your unique situation and design a value proposition to long-term project planning and end-user training.

Real-Life Benefits Of Zuar:

Using data pulled from Salesforce into Tableau, Tough Mudder drives decisions based on visual analysis. They were looking for a solution that would allow them “access to their rapidly expanding databases, enable their analysts to perform transformations on the accessible data, and provide storage for modeled data for a fast and easy visual experience in Tableau.” Zuar was able to accomplish all of this by using their Mitto platform.

Recently the yoga centric retailer, Manduka, used Zuar’s full suite of products and services to pull data from NetSuite and reinvent their BI infrastructure.

Zuar has also successfully partnered with the higher learning program, DCI, to create and provide a curriculum for data analytics, data visualization, and Tableau software training.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for any BI needs, have a browse through all Zuar has to offer. And if you need help getting started with your Tableau Salesforce integration, as always, give us a holler, and we’ll help you out!