Boosting Productivity With Cirrus Insight

  • Dec 11, 20
  • Maddison

Cirrus Insight Sales Enablement Platform for Gmail and Outlook is an all-in-one sales & productivity platform with Salesforce integration.

With Cirrus, you can manage many of your most important day-to-day activities:

  • Activity tracking via email
  • Attachment tracking (to help understand what happens to your attachments once you send them and which ones help close your deals)
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Email tracking
  • The ability to schedule a drip campaign for your customers

At Endiem, we’ve used Cirrus Insights for quite some time and are big fans. Here are a few ways we use Cirrus and the reasons we love it:

  • Cirrus’ Salesforce integration saves us a lot of time. We can view and create any kind of Salesforce record without leaving Gmail: Leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, activities, even custom objects — we can create, update, and assign all of these and more without leaving our inbox, which is a huge timesaver. No more flipping between windows on our desktop.

  • The ability to have Cirrus integrated into Google mail and Salesforce means that we always have the sales data we need at our fingertips. We use the scheduling feature to coordinate calls with prospects. We also schedule initial emails and drip campaigns for follow-ups, ensuring we nurture all our sales opportunities.

  • We can rely on Cirrus for productivity gains as well. For example, the “tasks” tab allows us to jot down our daily to-dos and check them off as we complete each one. Not only that, but we also track our outgoing emails, which helps us to understand response times from contacts.

If you are looking for a platform to provide tools and resources to make your whole team more productive, take a look at all Cirrus Insight has to offer. As always, if you’re looking for an integration partner to help you find the right apps and tools to accelerate your business, let us know!