Getting Fresh Content To Your Customers… Blogs

  • Apr 21, 20
  • Maddison

There are several different ways to get fresh content to your customers. Depending on what message you’re trying to convey or the audience you’re trying to reach, a few ways can significantly raise your customer interaction and the traction your website gets. In the next few days, we will explore three specific ways you can get relevant content to your customers and how Pardot can help you get there. 

One of the most straightforward ways to get relevant content to your customers is by publishing blogs on your company website. There are several benefits to blogging, but we will highlight a few:

  1. One of the biggest benefits of publishing blogs on your website is the opportunity it creates for other people to share it. This establishes more viral traffic to your website which in turn creates more market growth. There are a number of ways your blog could get shared: A direct link from person to person, y linked within another blog speaking on the same or related topics, or via social media to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 
  2. Blogging can lead to an increase in brand awareness. By using a “company voice”, you allow your followers an insight into a more personal side of your business. Blogging can give customers a sense of the standards, character, vision, and personality of your organization.
  3. Blogs can also provide a sense of trust to your customers. Blogging is a good way to show, no matter how big or small your business is, that you are an industry leader. Blogging on topics that are important or relevant in your industry establishes the idea that your business is informed on the trends and shows that you have influence in the industry. All of the major search engines love new relevant content and blogging is one of the most direct methods for a business to distribute that. When your business creates blog posts regularly, you are providing Google and other major search engines with keywords to index. This is an opportunity for your business to insert keywords that your future customers will use to search for the types of services that your business offers.
  4. You are also likely to develop a stronger relationship with new or existing customers. Blogging brings an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers in a particular, more conversational way.  Original content, distributed by blogs is an effective way to reach your target audience through premium content that they find relevant. 

Pardot allows you to track relevant data related to your blogs. Inside the EndiemPardot App, we keep a calendar of scheduled blogs and the links to them. This helps us go back and reference what our customers were looking at when they clicked on the contact us link that we end each of our blogs with. This kind of information helps us to know what topics and information our customers find relevant and interesting. If you’re interested in integrating Pardot into your salesforce marketing cloud, let us help you!