Getting Fresh Content To Your Customers… Drip Campaigns

  • Apr 22, 20
  • Emily Danvers

Now that we have an idea of the benefits of getting fresh content to your customers and users, let’s take a look at another way to get that done … Drip Campaigns. These are a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. Meaning, you decide what larger point or message you are trying to convey, then you design several email templates that explain that message in little chunks at a time, you then schedule them to be sent out in the future in regular intervals and/or on a trigger-basis. In Pardot, you can add contacts to an email list and associated with a campaign and the first email of your campaign will be sent as soon as that contact is added to the list.

The practice of drip campaigns is a great way to get updated content to your customers and keep your business fresh in their minds without being pushy or overbearing. There are several benefits of drip campaigns some of which are:

  • Re-engagement! You can create an entire campaign for your dormant/silent leads. This could start with a “Hey! We miss you!” email and then follow up with a promotion you are running, a philanthropic effort your business is involved in, or a positive review written by another customer, to remind your consumers that you’re still around and still doing great work. You can also put links to other social accounts in these drips. Some customers find it easier to engage with you on other platforms, you just need to give them all the information to do so.

  • Recapture “abandoned carts”. This refers to any forms or landing pages where a customer has looked at hiring you for a service or purchasing your product and then ‘abandoned’ page before pulling the trigger. Cookies allow you to track the potential leads that are spending time on your website, looking at your products and services, and even getting to your “contact me” or “check out” page before ultimately pulling out. With this information, you can set up an email campaign for those specific leads. Something like “ We noticed you notice us!” or “ It looks like you forgot something?” The follow up 1-2 emails could be you explaining the benefits of your product or service, or letting them know of a sale or promotion coming up that would include whatever they were initially interested in. This gets your customer re-engaged and back on your site. This might also be the incentive or provide the information they needed to make their final decision.

  • Share relevant information. Once you know where a lead or prospective customer or even a current customer is in your sales cycle, you can add them to various email campaigns to help move them to the next phase. If they’re a prospective customer, a “commonly asked questions” email may help them get the answers they need to move forward. If they have worked with you in the past and the goal is to stay front-of-mind for them and their future endeavors, a sequence of emails outlining how other customers are using your product or service could help them remember what good work you’re capable of.

As mentioned, there are several benefits of utilizing Drip Campaigns, some of which are similar to the benefits of posting blogs to your website. The idea is to create multiple ways of user and customer engagement so that you reach a wider more diverse audience. If you would like more insight into how Pardot can help you turn leads into deals, call Endiem today!