Getting Fresh Content to Your Customers… Email Blasts

  • Apr 23, 20
  • Emily Danvers

The third and final part of our series on ways to deliver content to your customers is ... email blasts. Just as the name suggests, it is a single email message that is ‘blasted’ to a large group of recipients. Some marketing professionals may argue that email blasts are no longer effective or relevant. But, if used the right way, they can be an efficient way to convey a message to the majority or a select group within your customer base. You can create your blast templates ahead of time, and with Pardot, schedule them to be sent to specific lists of customers at specific times/dates.

Email blasts, in our experience, work best for things like holidays or big business announcements. We like to send one out to all our customers for Holidays and special occasions, like American Thanksgiving or Hindu Dewali, celebrated by a large portion of our remote team. We also use email blast to send out urgent notifications to our clients. For example, last summer Houston experienced a great flood, which resulted in most of the team working remotely that day, so an email blast was sent to notify our clients of the current situation. Email blasts would also be a good option to update your customers of how you are handling the current COVID-19 situation.

If you are running a promotion or would like to educate your customers on a new service, blasts are a great channel to use since they will help drive business. In 250 words or less, (keeping it short and sweet is best) you can list products you are currently running deals on or provide more detail on the new service and how it will benefit your customers. This saves your sales team the worry of trying to remember to mention specific details when they are emailing or calling a customer.

It’s always a good idea to keep your customers engaged with your business, and email blasts can help to bring you closer to them whether it be by wishing them “Happy Holidays” or letting them know “Hey! We’ve moved to a new location!” If you would like to integrate Pardot into your marketing plan with Salesforce, we’d love to help you!