How Integrating Field Service Technology With Salesforce Can Transform Field Service Operations

  • Sep 25, 20
  • Emily Danvers

Recently, Endiem had the pleasure of sponsoring ConnectFX, a FieldFX user conference, that brings users the opportunity to learn best practices, enhance the FieldFX experience, and hear about the future of the product.

We were keen to get involved with this event, as Endiem are great advocates of the use of Field Service Technology on Salesforce to deliver and optimize field operations. Bringing Field Service Technology into your business can vastly improve your day to day operations. Endiem has customers in industries such as environmental waste clean up, machinery sales and repairs, industrial distribution, and various energy service companies, all using field service applications built on their Salesforce platform. If you are a company that has a service model then you understand how imperative it is to have a reliable system to manage your work and the work of your service teams while providing an overview and insight to your service operations.

There are a range of field service apps and solutions currently available for the Salesforce platform.

Solutions such as Field Service Lightning (FSL), or apps like FieldFX integrate with your Salesforce org and bring all of your amazing service and sales data forward, to streamline task management, schedule and dispatch, equipment utilization, among other features. Most techs require mobile app systems, and with these tools, you can give your techs just that!

Using real-time data, field service apps allow techs to collect and share data with the back office and generate immediate responses. These apps ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency and provide transparency and accountability at every step of the service process.

Technology to track drilling equipment in the field

Endiem had the opportunity to work with a completion and production solutions company who wanted to streamline their truck utilization process. The company wanted to use FieldFX to track their drilling equipment. With the equipment tracking capabilities, the company was able to better locate their assets, foresee any delays in the field while using this equipment, improve customer service, properly schedule maintenance on equipment and improve their equipment utilization calculation which led to the advancement of their billing. No more reliance on hardcopy reports! Not to mention, this company’s service technicians loved the simplicity of the solution.

Want to know more about powering your Field Services Operations on Salesforce?

Field service management is being revolutionized by apps. Apps provide simple, trackable solutions to workflow such as managing field data and equipment inspections to transporting materials. If you need assistance implementing a field service technology app to put your business at the forefront of the industry, drop us a line and, we’ll help you out!