Making The Most Of Won/Lost Analytics

  • Oct 1, 18
  • Athena Moseley

In the blog  5 Ways A CRM Solution Can Help You Grow, we spoke about the ways in which a CRM solution could help a company to grow. One of those ways is through tracking and identifying key performance indicators (KPIs). It’s not just upper management or large companies who can benefit from these analytics, but sales people as well. One of people’s favorite data to track are Won vs Lost rates. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your Won vs Lost Analytics:

Generally, the core of Won/Lost analytics is to view how a salesperson, team, region, or organization is performing. Who are their main competitors? Why do they loose deals? Why do they win deals? What does an ideal opportunity look like? Try one or all of the these dashboard components to get started:

  • Top Competitors by their # of Won Opportunities This Year

  • Total Lost and Cancelled $ Values of Opportunities AND their respective Won / Lost % This Month

  • Opportunity Amount By Won or Lost Reason This Year

  • Top Accounts By Win Rate % This Year

  • # Closed Lost Deals This Month grouped by the Reason Lost

Always view the parameters of the report you are looking at…if it doesn’t make sense for your needs, customize it!

As a regional salesperson, it doesn’t make much sense for you to analyze global data. Make sure the reports you are reviewing are drilled down to a level of the organization that makes sense to the role of the individual. Parameters can be based on the location of the sale, the account, or owner.

Don’t just view your reports, use them!

  • Before meeting with a customer, or submitting a proposal, review your history with the specific customer. How often are you awarded the work for this customer?  When they select a competitor, who do they select and why? This can help you to adjust your conversations and proposal strategies.

  • Find areas where additional coaching may help you to exceed your goals: Is your success and failure rate correlated to certain deal sizes?  to certain products? Look for trends in your Won / Lost analytics and reach out to managers, mentors and colleagues to determine how to strengthen your weaknesses.  

  • Run your team meeting out of Salesforce reports and dashboards.  Want to make sure everyone knows about every deal? Only focusing in on analytics for deals that are in Salesforce so everyone can tell the same customer stories.

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