April 20, 2020

More On Breadwinner ... For Netsuite

More On Breadwinner ... For Netsuite

As of now, you might be familiar with the Salesforce native app called Breadwinner, from our previous overview of its ‘out-of-the-box functionalities. Let’s take a deeper dive into its newest iteration, Breadwinner for Netsuite. According to Breadwinner’s CEO, Stony Grunow, it’s taken several years to release this software for Netsuite because they wanted to get it absolutely right first.

Netsuite is different from the other financial tools that breadwinner integrates with, mainly in the size of businesses it is able to support. Businesses using softwares like Xero and Quickbooks are smaller, running fewer reports and needing less back and forth data on a daily basis. Netsuite however, is for much larger businesses needing to send data back and forth between their financing tool and Salesforce and running many more reports on a day to day basis.

The Breadwinner team spent years reviewing Netsuite’s features and functionalities, making sure all the data can smoothly integrate into Salesforce. Breadwinner makes using Netsuite and Salesforce together easier as well as more efficient. According to conversations Endiem had with Breadwinner, “By replicating NetSuite data into Salesforce, you can build powerful reports on your NetSuite data, and connect those reports to Salesforce data”. It’s also quicker and easier to get started, than it’s competition, according to Grunow, “Celigo and Boomi can take weeks, if not months, of professional services consulting and configuration. Breadwinner can be rolled out in a Salesforce Sandbox in an hour.” Another perk of using Breadwinner for NetSuite is that Netsuite’s complicated pricing structure is visible within Salesforce. Most of Netsuite’s customer pricing tools and features are multi-layered, and Breadwinner’s original integration technology is able to replicate the pricing structures into Salesforce. With Breadwinner, you will see a company’s default price level, as well as that default price level’s price per currency and quantity. Businesses can also override pricing at either the price level or individual item price. Operating the complex NetSuite pricing is a feature built into Breadwinner, with no complicated configuration needed. Breadwinner for Netsuite also allows businesses to view their Netsuite company’s financial information within Salesforce making it easier for Sales and Service team members to have access to the financial health of their customers. This innovative tool also has a “two-way sync” with Salesforce. This means you can see beneficial company information, from Netsuite in Salesforce. You can create a Netsuite customer within Salesforce and Breadwinner runs automatic syncs between the two tools. Eliminating the risk of dupes.

Breadwinner for Netsuite is a true two-way integration with Salesforce, that is going to benefit your business with all of its intricate moving parts. It’s going to allow you to pull useable information from your financial data with ease. If you are already using Netsuite and would like to use Breadwinner to integrate your data with Salesforce, let us help you!


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