February 14, 2017

Winning the Road Ahead: Ongoing Value of Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Winning the Road Ahead: Ongoing Value of Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Salesforce CPQ Implementation in Action

We’ve talked about how a Salesforce CPQ system can revolutionize your cash-to-quote systems and gotten into the nitty gritty of what an implementation really looks like. Now it’s time to start looking at what happens once the implementation is done and the daily grind begins. What exactly does life after implementation?

First, you should know that implementation is a set-it-and-forget-it job for many implementation partners. Once you’re setup, you could be on your own. For an implementation partner that is invested in the long-term success of your company, sticking around to make sure that all of the kinks are worked out and you’re getting the most (and most valuable) functionality out of your new Salesforce CPQ system is par for the course.

Seamless scalability and renewals
Because of the cloud-based, monthly or annual renewal factor of Salesforce CPQ, it’s a win-win for everyone to keep your clients engaged. Leads in your funnel will seamlessly flow from quote to closed deal to financial package and, eventually, a totally automated annual renewal. All of this powerful seamless capability is also easily scalable so your business can handle more without getting bogged down in the minutia.

Powerful insights for growth
Since a quality CPQ implementation incorporates highly customized and vetted solutions instead of a plug-and-go situation, you’re set up for success far into the future. First, all of the training that your implementation offered your team really goes to work for you. You’ll get to the information and functionalities you need much quicker. The insights that Salesforce CPQ offers are what we like to think of as a CFO’s dream—real-time, need-to-know data presented in a way that specifically works for your time-starved needs. Along with powerful dashboards and analytics, proper training goes a long way. Even quick one-on-one meetings with all key users will help you start faster and go further without the headaches and all out frustration of “learning as you go.”

Get a long-haul partner
Linking up with a Salesforce CPQ partner that isn’t just in it for a quick open-and-shut implementation is absolutely vital for long-term success. Here at Endiem, our goal is to have a long, happy, healthy relationship with all of our clients. Your success is our success. Believe it or not, this may not be the M.O. for every implementation partner, so stay vigilant. For us, there really isn’t any thrill in a whirlwind romance—we’d prefer growing old together. We’ll be there for you, good times and great. Let’s talk soon.


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