January 25, 2021

An ERP Salesforce Integration using Dell Boomi for Mustang CAT

An ERP Salesforce Integration using Dell Boomi for Mustang CAT

The Problem

Mustang CAT first came to Endiem because they wanted to transform the way their Rental Sales Reps managed customer interactions and accessed customer data while on the road, so that they could deliver faster, superlative service. However, the problem was that with legacy technology their data was siloed and they were unable to see customer information and related transactions without logging into multiple systems via WiFi and VPN because they did not have a mobile, instantly available tool like Salesforce.

Our Approach

Endiem’s recommendation was to design and build Salesforce so that all customer visits, calls, and transactions could be planned and viewed on the Rep’s phone with just a couple of clicks. We adopted this approach because we were confident that we could make data instantly available by building Salesforce to match their standard business processes and by using Dell Boomi as an integration platform to take and transform pertinent data from DBS and Integrated Rentals Systems so that the Reps could be effective and super-efficient.

The first step was to ensure that we had three agreed-upon key ingredients for a successful project; executive buy-in, Dell Boomi as a solid integration platform between Salesforce and Mustang’s ERP, and expert post-implementation support. Once this was in place, the Endiem team was able to get to work and we launched the first feature set to users within six weeks!

Because we worked really closely with the DBS team (meeting almost every day) we were able to move quickly and build a cohesive solution that worked for execs, the users, and was easy to support post-go-live.  Launching a tightly-integrated, fully mobile Salesforce experience to 50+ users marked the final milestone of the project, with the whole process taking less than 16 working weeks.

The Results

“The Boomi portion of this project has been successful thanks in part to the excellent work provided by our partner, Endiem. Boomi allows companies to accelerate business outcomes by leveraging the drag-and-drop functionality along with its unified platform, and in combination with Endiem’s diligence on this project has led to a smooth and successful implementation at Mustang. Endiem has been a great partner in this project and we look forward to growing that partnership going forward.”

Max Petrie, Account Manager, Dell Boomi

"Bringing all of our data onto one platform has transformed how the sales reps manage our customers. No more logging into multiple systems. All the information is where we need it, that is, in Salesforce, which allows us to serve more customers, more quickly. Endiem has revolutionized our rental process in less than 16 weeks!"

Lance Feldhousen, General Manager, Mustang Rental Services

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