Taking the heavy lifting out of construction project administration.

This global utility provider is part of a wider corporate family. The leadership team came to Endiem with the challenge of harmonizing the critical business information and operation into one central instance of Salesforce, rationalized in optimized, group-wide business processes.

Automating Construction Projects Administration was part three of a four-stage roll-out. Let’s take a look.

The Problem

While much of the work the properties divisions deliver is highly bespoke, parts of these projects are based upon a combination of products, rolled out repeatedly. 

The problem was the lack of standardization of these products across the separate entities, which meant that the team could not automate much of the accompanying administration. Instead, the team was losing time, painstakingly populating the same data over and again in separate locations in Salesforce.

It was an unscalable approach that was costing the team unnecessary time and effort.

In addition, they were missing the availability of standardized data to see at a granular level what work each entity was delivering.

The Solution

All the products that the different business entities needed to work with already existed on Salesforce. The solution was to standardize these product definitions across divisions via correctly mapped data.

Once this update had taken place, Endiem also deployed a standard page layout so that every team member would access and utilize products in the same manner. Completing these enhancements made it possible for Endiem to build a series of automations in Salesforce to allow essential project information fields to be populated directly from the product data on the Opportunity object.

Endiem then made sure that security and permissions were in place to maintain this process in the future. The Endiem team created reports and dashboards to provide a complete breakdown of precisely what work was being carried out by each entity for managers to analyze at a more granular level.

Finally, Endiem trained all users to ensure that they were getting the most significant value from Salesforce when managing projects.

The Results

  • Complete visibility of work being performed, by an entity, at a granular level
  • Time saved via automation of routine admin
  • More valuable BI, based on standard definitions across entities

“The Endiem upgrade has saved us hours in unnecessary administration. We now have a smarter solution, with visibility over exactly what work is being undertaken, both globally and in detail.

Director IT & Digital Applications

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