The Problem

Fastrac Energy Services first came to Endiem because they wanted to improve their Salesforce project management capabilities to view project team utilization and task status. The problem was that they could not get the analytics they needed because the functionality they required was not available in their current ‘Fundamentals’ editions of Salesforce project management app, Cloud Coach.

Rather than using Cloud Coach to automate the reports and dashboards the Executive management team required, they instead found themselves using Chatter to communicate task status. It was a real source of frustration for the project coordinators and executive management team and was causing some projects to stall.

Our Approach

After analyzing their org and documenting Fastrac’s vision, our recommendation was to implement the Professional edition of Cloud Coach to deliver the features that they were currently lacking. The reason for this approach was so that the client would be able to access all the reports, dashboards, and functionality they needed, but without the need for complicated and costly custom development work.

We worked with the project management and executive team to define their exact requirements. The first step was to install and configure the Cloud Coach upgrade. Once this was in place, the Endiem team was able to create project templates. The next step was to complete full data migration and format all existing projects to conform to the new template.  Creating reports for management to track the Project Utilization and customized dashboards for each individual, designed to show only their open tasks, was the project’s final milestone. The whole process took a total of 12 weeks.

Our Results

16 weeks from the initial engagement, Fastrac is getting access to the top-tier project management features they needed without investing in a complicated and costly custom solution. They are now making full use of Cloud Coach Professional, meaning an end to work without the complete project status information. As a result, they are currently experiencing a much-improved workflow. Without implementing the Cloud Coach upgrade, the Fastrac team would still be in the position of being without the critical analytics required to manage their project delivery. Instead, they can rely on the data provided within their customized dashboards.

In the words of Jordan Fruge, Fastrac Energy Services President,

“Working with Endiem has meant we now have an efficient solution which has had a huge impact on our project delivery. No-fuss, no drama, just a great recommendation, and implementation of a solution that works.”

Fastrac is now planning its next project to integrate Salesforce to Quickbooks with Breadwinner!

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