The Problem

This venture capital and investment firm is focused on growth-stage private companies at the cutting edge of change. To streamline their management of prospects and customers, they configured Salesforce to create a range of tasks and alerts triggered by business milestones and events.

However, the challenge was that a huge number of the automated notifications were never addressed nor completed by the team - automated tasks overloaded them. The end result was a great deal of unnecessary data and a cluttered page layout, making it hard to see the account status and other pertinent info at a glance. Not just that, but hundreds of reports had been created, shared, and abandoned as well.

At this point, the team approached Endiem to cull the chaos and clean up their data.

Our Approach

The first stage was to deactivate the task and alert automation rules while carefully checking that this would not impact any other operation or process. All unassigned, open tasks beyond a certain age were mass deleted. All assigned, unaddressed tasks were eliminated. Any useful tasks that would drive valuable activity were assigned to the right users.

The next step was to tackle the redundant reports. The reports that were still required were cleansed, while all abandoned reports were deleted from the organization. In all, over 250 reports were removed.

The Results

The Salesforce user experience for this venture capital management team was greatly improved by cleaning up the old data. The team can now easily see the status of their accounts and contacts from the account page and have the most important business information they need at their fingertips in the form of relevant reports and dashboards.

“This data clean-up was well overdue. Thanks to Endiem, the team has a much clearer picture of the status of all of our accounts in Salesforce. As a result, we have seen boosted productivity and a streamlined process.”

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