The Problem

Endiem upgraded Solar provider Fastrac Energy Services to Cloud Coach Professional edition and made huge improvements to the company's user experience and functionality. As a result of the enhancements, they had more functional project templates with new features and abilities.

However, with the new templates came the problem of what to do with the old format projects. Fastrac had over 100 active projects, with data stored in the now redundant template. Besides, there was also the issue of what should happen with the closed-out projects in the old format.

Our Approach

First of all, the Endiem team took a look at the completed project records. We established that these templates did not in fact need to be converted into the new format: the Fastrac team could refer back to the data contained from time to time, but there was no business advantage in migration to the new templates.

The projects already in motion were a different story. New features and capabilities were added with the Cloud Coach upgrade, and this active project data had to sit in the new template to be managed according to the improved process.

The data was analyzed, sliced, and diced to fit the new project templates, including newly added objects. Data was carefully mapped and then migrated from old objects to new objects.

The Results

All active and new projects can be managed using the new, improved project templates. 

Data locations are consistent for the project management team, and reporting is consistent for the executive team.

“Having our data in the same, enhanced format has given us the visibility across the business that we needed. We can get the measure of the most important project KPIs at the click of a button, allowing us to plan, track and forecast exactly where we are with each and every project, at any time.”
Jordan Fruge, President at Fastrac Energy Services

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