February 21, 2021

Deploying My Domain in Salesforce

Deploying My Domain in Salesforce

The Problem

Full-service solar and energy storage company Fastrac Energy Services was looking for a way to send reports to their dealer network directly from Salesforce. They expressed interest in an app from the Salesforce AppExchange and asked if Endiem would check it out to see if it would work for their use case.

Endiem’s first action was to attempt installing the app in the sandbox to run it through its paces. However, it was not long before the team hit a roadblock: the app required the org to have My Domain set up.

What is My Domain?

My Domain allows you to create a unique, custom domain URL. The advantage is that you can brand your login page and add branding or customizations to the page’s right side. This functionality also gives you the ability to set a custom login policy, determining how you authenticate your users. When you have created this subdomain in Salesforce, users are assigned a consistent URL that never changes, even in a Salesforce instance refresh.

In any org created since the Winter ‘21 Salesforce release, this functionality has been made available by default. However, if you set up your org before this release, you will need to enable My Domain manually. This becomes important when installing AppExchange apps that use custom Lightning Components, as they will often rely on the My Domain functionality. For example, SSO* requires My Domain to be in operation.

Our Approach

In order to prepare the Fastrac org for My Domain, Endiem first completed a full analysis of all integrations and custom code, in particular checking for any hard-coded references to specific URLs within the org. Once we had identified every instance of incompatible code, we were then in a position to update or remove using the proper protocol.

Finally, Endiem deployed My Domain in the sandbox environment, and once tests proved successful, deployed into production.

The Results

With My Domain successfully enabled, the rest of the road was clear! The selected app was installed and tested in the sandbox, confirming that it would meet the client’s needs. The final step was to deploy into production.

The result is that Fastrac can now benefit from the successfully installed app’s functionality and easily send reports to their dealer network on a scheduled cadence.

“Hitting an obstruction in Salesforce can be frustrating and time-consuming. Endiem has the experience to identify exactly what the issue is and come up with the solution. Instead of remaining stuck, we are now benefiting from the added automation from our selected app.”

Jordan Fruge, President at Fastrac Energy Services

*Single Sign-On - where you allow Salesforce or another authentication service such as Facebook or Linkedin to be your identity provider


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