The Problem

Our client had been using the ‘legacy’ Salesforce Classic setup for 6+ years and was missing out on the amazing interface and functionalities of the Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX). They were ready to update their user experience and improve the overall functionality and productivity of their Liquid Frameworks package within Salesforce and make it future-proof.

Our Approach

By migrating to Salesforce LEX Endiem delivered superior functionality to our client. Some of the functionalities of their installed packages were not quite “Lightning ready” so Endiem built a temporary but efficient solution to ensure our client did not get a half-baked Salesforce Lightning Experience. Our solution was quickly and seamlessly rolled into the Liquid Frameworks future releases as all functionalities became available in LEX.

Our Results

With our experience, understanding, and years of FieldFX knowledge Endiem is the Preferred Lightning Migration partner for Liquid Frameworks. By migrating to LEX, our shared client now has the ability to benefit from customizable homepages that drive user adoption, drag-and-drop status changes that make ‘working’ a deal even easier, and overall greater productivity.

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