The Problem

Mustang CAT Rental Services first came to Endiem because they wanted their rental reps to access leads and customer information from their mobile devices to increase productivity. However, they had no lead management process nor an effective way to access their historical customer data from their mobile devices.

Rather than using their Salesforce Mobile to drive their daily activity, rental reps found themselves connecting to their database using a VPN or traveling to their respective branches to access reports and information.

With no insight into clients’ last communications, this lack of functionality significantly impacted rental reps’ productivity. The Mustang team knew that if they could resolve this situation, the business could improve overall performance and increase rental revenue.

Our Approach

Endiem’s recommendation was to implement Salesforce Mobile to deliver a world-class mobile experience for rental reps so they could access vital information anywhere, anytime. The reason for this approach was so that the agents would be able to stay up-to-date on tasks and events, manage leads, collaborate with coworkers, and close more deals, faster.

We worked with the Sales and Marketing Departments, as well as Rental Division Management, in particular, involving Lance Fieldhousen, Michaela Barringer, and Damon Lazarine

The first step was to implement Salesforce Mobile experience and train users on lead management. Once this was in place, the Endiem team could integrate critical data into the Salesforce platform. Training the rental reps on the Mustang CAT mobile experience marked the project’s final milestone, with the whole process taking a total of eight weeks to implement and deliver training.

The Results

Four months from the mobile implementation, Mustang CAT Rental Services is getting a range of benefits from the Endiem Salesforce Mobile implementation.

They are now using mobile dashboards and reports, lead management, and real-time equipment location updates, meaning an end to time lost searching emails for specific information and reduced time logging into their old database via VPN. As a result, they are now seeing an increase in productivity and overall end-user satisfaction.

Without implementing the mobile experience, the Rental Reps would still have limited access to critical data while in the field. Instead, they have real-time access to their data.

In the words of Damon Lazarine, Sales Manager, Mustang CAT,

“Being able to access up-to-date customer rental information while out in the field has been a game-changer for the sales team. We can deliver a better customer experience and close more deals, faster.”

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