This global utility provider is part of a wider corporate family. The properties division leadership team came to Endiem with the challenge of harmonizing the critical business information and operation into one central instance of Salesforce, rationalized in optimized, group-wide business processes.

Revenue scheduling was the final stage in this four-part roll-out. Let’s take a look.

The Problem

Revenue scheduling is a challenge for any organization paid by their client over time. Predicting when this money will come into the business can be highly complex. Typically an accurate forecast will be calculated across several data points, taking into account both products and services information.

Our global utility client is a perfect example of an organization with just such a challenge. Given the cross-entity structure of the business, a compounded challenge presented itself to the management team. Leveraging their existing data in Salesforce, they needed Endiem to give them a solution for accurately forecasting what revenue would be coming into the business and when.

The Solution

Via a custom configuration, Endiem provided the global utility provider with a template for revenue schedule creation. Implementing this infrastructure meant that they could add in project data to set fields in Salesforce within specific parameters and simply let Salesforce do the rest.

Endiem correctly assigned permissions, retested all existing validation rules and automation, and provided full training to the users.

Complex revenue calculation logic behind the scenes has taken away the need for any manual forecast calculations. Instead, Salesforce now delivers an accurate revenue forecast in the form of a pipeline dashboard, reflecting the current financial status across all entities.

The Results

In short, in one view, the management team can now see precisely what revenue they can expect to see and when.

“Accurate revenue forecasting in Salesforce is a complete game-changer for the group. The changes that Endiem has put in place means that we can rely on our financial forecast dashboard. With this information in place, we are in a position to make better, strategic business decisions.”

Director IT & Digital Applications

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