The Problem

Our client’s Schedule & Dispatch process was entirely manual and required a significant amount of daily time and effort to manage. The process was customer-driven but not in a good way; customers frequently changed planned work and also frequently called for ad-hoc emergency work. The Dispatchers reacted by texting employees their job schedules and all the changes as they arose. This manual effort resulted in Dispatchers spending more than 60% of their day just texting employees back-and-forth about their ever-changing work schedules.

Our Approach 

Using the AppExchange solution SMS Magic, Endiem delivered a system to automate employee notifications. It now works like this — A customer calls the client and the Schedule & Dispatch Team adds the job to the schedule in Salesforce. Once the job is scheduled, the Dispatcher adds the employees assigned to the job. Then, the Dispatcher blasts out the schedule with one click. All employees are notified of their confirmed schedule and reply with a yes/no response, all from Salesforce and via text. When confirmations are received the job automatically changes to green - “Ready For Work”.

Our Results

By integrating SMS Magic, Endiem developed an advanced solution with simplicity and scalability in mind. We reduced the amount of time Dispatchers spent manually texting job schedules to their workforce by 75%. Now when the Schedule & Dispatch Team receives a call from a customer about a job, they just click a few buttons to automatically text employees and Salesforce handles the responses. Dispatchers now only spend around 15% of their day scheduling job - leaving them time to focus on customer satisfaction.

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