The Problem

This venture capital and investment firm is focused on growth-stage private companies at the cutting edge of change. In order to bring in bright talent and fresh ideas to the organization, they regularly have interns on board for a short period of time before they move on to their next assignment.

The issue was that this amount of Salesforce user churn was creating quite a headache when it came to offboarding. The process they had in place consisted of deactivating the user in the org. The problem came when the team needed to transfer those accounts assigned to this deactivated user. They found themselves in a work-intensive and manual cycle of admin which required the system admin or a manager to personally transfer ownership of the account to the new user.

The process was disruptive, it wasn’t smart and it couldn’t scale. They asked Endiem to help.

Our Approach

This was a straightforward solution. We took a look at the sharing rules set up in Salesforce and we could see that the transfer of account ownership was only actionable by active users.

In order to resolve this issue, we created a new active user. Now, when a user is deactivated, the system admin simply transfers all of the accounts belonging to this outgoing user, on mass over to this new active user. This means that the remaining team can go in and transfer Account and Contact ownership over to themselves, circumventing the need to go through the system admin or manager, account by account.

It’s a simple solution to a problem that was costing the business time and money through disruption.

The Results

By putting this process in place, Endiem has been able to save the team's system admins, managers, and users a great deal of time on unnecessary admin. Not only that but there are no gaps in account ownership, with every account being assigned immediately to a new owner.

‘Endiem has given us a simple and effective fix to a problem that was proving a real obstacle. Salesforce is a great platform and having a partner that can help us resolve issues like this as they come along means that we get even more ROI, and more importantly, focus on our role rather than the supporting technology.’

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