Salesforce Experience Cloud To Enhance Partner Management

  • Jun 11, 21
  • Maddison

In this series, we have taken a closer look at Experience Cloud --a revamped version of Salesforce Communities that accommodates Customers, Employees, and Partners.

The Experience Cloud is built on the Customer360 digital experience platform and enables companies to host content in one place and deliver it anywhere--websites, portals, mobile apps, and storefronts.

In the previous post of this series, we took a deep dive into how you can tailor the platform to your customers and employees.

Our final segment explores how organizations can use the Salesforce Experience Platform for managing their partners.

The Experience Cloud platform tailored for partners simplifies every step of your channel sales process, from onboarding to selling. The platform provides the same tools that make your internal team successful in a partner management system built on Salesforce. Here are some examples of the features within Experience Cloud that you can deploy specifically to serve your employees:

  • Salesforce Automation
    • With this feature, you can integrate third-party systems to streamline pricing & inventory and share contacts, leads, and records with your partners. You are also able to bypass channel friction with deal registration and lead distribution.

  • Data Sharing
    • Gives you the ability to connect partners to product experts and to adjust sharing settings so that partners access only relevant information to move opportunities through the pipe.

  • Actions
    • You can convert leads to opportunities and approve marketing funds directly in the feed. You’re able to design custom actions to integrate third-party apps into core business processes.

  • Reports & Dashboards
    • Share customizable dashboards and reports with partners and track their performance, and efficiently connect data from any source with Einstein Analytics.

Your interactions with partners help shape customers’ perceptions of your company and brand. It's essential to invest in systems that give your partners a thorough knowledge of your products, services, and processes to deliver at company standards. With features like this, you can hone your partner relationship management platform. More businesses are adopting a distribution channel as a sales strategy to give partners more choice over who they work with.

There are many great reasons you would want to implement this platform:

  • enhance your partners’ knowledge base and allow them to be an extension of your company
  • grow your customers’ digital experience
  • build employee engagement.

Connect with us today, and let’s talk about how we can work with you to implement the Salesforce Experience Cloud and accelerate your company’s efficiency and productivity.