April 4, 2017

Could You Hack it as a Salesforce Consultant?

Could You Hack it as a Salesforce Consultant?

Being a successful Salesforce consultant takes a lot more than just determination or know-how. It’s a tough job with many daily challenges. Ever wonder if you’re cut out for the Salesforce consultant life? We’ve put together a few key skills and personality traits that great Salesforce consultants possess and lifestyle considerations that they thrive in. Take a look and ask yourself: Do you have what it takes to be a great Salesforce consultant?

Do you have the right experience?
Being a skillful Salesforce user is just the beginning. If you become a Salesforce consultant, you should definitely have many different experiences and successes under your belt so that when a tough problem presents, you have the tools to solve it for your clients. You should have a firm grip on what your Salesforce strengths actually are—are they functional or technical? Have you been a leader on Salesforce projects? 

Other basic business experiences and skills also matter. Do you have public speaking and presentation chops? Can you speak the language of different functional groups—financial, marketing, sales, strategy, etc.? Have you worked with different types of organizations like non-profits, startups, and large corporations? 

Is consulting a good fit?
Living that #consultinglife isn’t for everyone. It’s an all or nothing situation—you would either love it or prefer to leave it. Being a consultant often mandates that you travel—a lot. For some people this is a huge advantage because it’s exciting, but many others prefer a more stable office environment. With the exciting, highly variable work environment, you’ll also need to learn to deal with many different client personalities. Could you successfully serve difficult clients? You’ll also need to get used to the idea of being judged directly by the value you bring to your client per hour. Proving your worth to a client is often a challenge and requires a lot of skill and preparation.

Can you bring it all together?
Bringing your experience and skills together to provide meaningful results for your clients takes a lot of honest self-evaluation. Are you more of a behind-the-scenes mastermind or are you ready to have some face time with the C-suite? Could you take on the responsibility of being a consulting business owner or would being a consultant within a larger practice be better? Can you shine in a career structure that requires you to possess constantly evolving expertise in Salesforce, push to meet tight deadlines, and deftly manage several different projects at once?

Get access to the best
If you’re considering outsourcing a tricky Salesforce job or need some direction in getting your databases where they need to be, get in touch. We live and breathe Salesforce consulting and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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