Happy Holidays From The Endiem Team

  • Dec 23, 20
  • Emily Danvers

If there has been one constant in 2020, it’s change! We would like to take a moment to celebrate how you - our clients, partners, and friends - have risen to the challenge.

The level and pace of innovation have been extraordinary, and we take our (Santa) hat off to you. Not only have we seen organizations that have had to adopt new ways of working virtually overnight, but you have also done it with real flair. Every one of you should be firmly on the nice list this year.

Over here at Endiem HQ, we realize how much has happened when we reflect on this year. We welcomed new team members Will and Cecilia at the beginning of 2020 and Katy in July. We also greeted a new mini-member of the Endiem team; Minella Annoh’s daughter Zuriel was born on July 4th. In October, we moved a whole four blocks away to our new office building! And with all the challenges of a global pandemic, we upped our monthly contribution to Kids Meals, helping out schoolchildren who could no longer rely on the school cafeteria. As a business, we used lockdown as a time to add value. We increased the security in our Salesforce Orgs and gained excellent partners Copado, Elements.cloud & Spekit. On top of that, we also celebrated a double award win for our CEO Geraldine this Autumn, not only a Woman Who Means Business but also a Brit with GRIT!

We appreciate the opportunity to support, enhance, and grow with our customers throughout this year and look forward to a bigger and better 2021 and beyond. We are extra grateful for you, your continued support, and your friendship. We simply love what we do and the innovative people we meet along the way. Now please, have a restful Christmas. You have earned it!

From lockdown to lickdown... Here’s our way to share a bit of joy—meet the furry friends who will be keeping us warm this holiday season. We hope it makes you smile!

Can you guess which pet belongs to which Endiem team member??

Wishing you all the best this holiday season,

Your friends at Endiem